Friday, December 16, 2011

three months down

well i havent blogged in a while, my life has become even more busy than it was. Im officially three months and 4 days along in this pregnancy journey. This week i decided to change doctors. I was seeing Dr. Kowalczyk. She's a great Dr. and a very nice lady. I choose her because she came and spent time with me in the room after abigale was born. She helped me with feeding. She was very kind and gentle and understanding. She's a mother and she's very down to earth. I've had one visit and one sonogram at her office. The ladies who do the scheduling are really the reason i changed. im sure theyre nice too, but they cancelled my appoinment and rescheduled 5 times. I was supposed to be seen tuesday and they called and cancelled ten minutes before my appointment time saying they made an error. They didnt want to reschedule me until mid January and i didn't want to wait that long.

Dr. Zapata delivered abigale. She is very upbeat and energetic. She loves to talk. She is like me in alot of ways.  She also is a nice lady and a great Dr. She will be seeing me for the remainder of my pregnancy. i called Tuesday, and had an appointment Thursday and they didn't cancel. I didn't choose Dr. Zapata from the beginning because i really enjoyed my experience with Dr. K i liked how calm and soothing she was. She has a very natural approach to birthing and parenting and i like it alot. Dr. Zapata will be fine too, but it will be different. I can remember her waltzing into the labor room and almost yelling "ok mom lets do this!" usually thats completely my style of doing things, babies are different.

I hope this child is a boy, and for some reason i think it is. Maybe its because i know that's what we all really want, or maybe its because it really is a boy. i thought abigale was a girl before i knew she was a girl. I got to hear the heart beat yesterday for the first time. it made me very happy. My morning sickness has been pretty intense and i haven't been feeling good. Hearing that for just a few moments made it all better. its all worth it in the end. I cant wait to see his or her little face and fingers and toes.

If this baby is a girl. We will wait a year or so and try again. The plan is to save money during that time so we can use a midwife. Midwives actually cost less than going the traditional route but my insurance doesn't cover it up front so it will cost about $3,000 up front. Traditional OB hospital births cost upwards of 10,000 to 25,000 depending on the amount and different kinds of medicine the mother chooses and doctors feel necessary.

i would love to have a natural home birth but this time it just wasnt feasible. For some people that sounds scary but believe me, ive done plenty of research and have talked to many people about it over the course of several years. If i chose a medical profession, i would want to be a licensed midwife. Their jobs are amazing.

Ricki Lake made a documentary about home births and it's pretty amazing i think. Of course, it is biased but what isnt. Here is the trailer its on netflix. If you consider having a child you might give it a watch so you can form your own opinion.

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