Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last day with the bump

it's officially my last day with the baby bump. I'm so very excited and anxious to get this show on the road and finally meet my son. Jesse is thrilled too. As happy as i am that this is all finally happening; there's just something i'll miss about being pregnant. its a weird feeling really because i've been so miserable lately. My back hurts literally all the time no matter what i do, i pee every 30 minutes, cant sleep, ankles swell, food isn't the least bit appetizing, and my ribs are so so sore... but there's just something about it that i'll miss. i cant describe it, but i bet most mother's feel it at some point. It's also weird knowing this is my last day being pregnant and not just going into labor out of the blue. i'm nervous but i actually like that i have time to calmly gather my things, shower and have everything the way i want it before going to the hospital. Abigale is going to spend the night with her mee mee (jesses mother) and Jesse is going to stay with me at the hospital. I know i wont sleep tonight even though i also know i'll regret it in the morning. I could barely sleep last night just thinking about gathering my things together today and not wanting to forget anything. I've been debating silly things like should i eat a huge meal before we go or should i only eat a light something or nothing at all. They didn't give me any instructions not to eat but i have a feeling that once i get there it'll be only ice chips even though i'm not being induced until morning.

I found my digital camera!! Finally :) so i'm gonna try to take a few more pictures before the belly is no more.

 Everyone keeps asking if we want any more kids after this one comes. My best answer for that is really i don't know. Children are amazing and i love being a mom. i want to experience life with two kids before i decide if there are more to come. Jesse is content with two children, and we are very blessed to have one of each so i'm not sure what the future will hold for us there. I can say that we are both still young and aren't going to do anything that would take more kids completely out of the picture. I've been reading recently about a hormone free IUD called Paragurad that can be used for up to 10 years. I don't know enough about it yet to decide if its something i'll use, but whatever method i do use will be hormone free for sure. i don't like fixing things that aren't broken and i don't like the thought of pumping my body full of synthetic hormones instead of just being more careful.

Abigale is so excited! She has been frantically cleaning her room today so her brother can see it when we bring him home :) In fact, she is calling me now saying she is all finished and wants me to come look!! Maybe i'll post a few more pictures later.

This whole this still doesn't feel quite real yet but i'm sure it will when the contractions kick in!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's doctor visit :)

Just got back from seeing Dr. Zapata (she's awesome btw). Though i haven't gained weight in two weeks it turns out some progress has been made!!!  As of right now i am 3cm dilated but only about 10-15% effaced but favorable. That's the best news I've heard!! I haven't been having any contractions today so no baby just yet, but doc says it could literally start any minute. IF by Tuesday my labor has not begun i will report to the hospital at 10pm to begin antibiotics, and then begin the induction process at 5am Wednesday. I've been preparing myself for natural labor, knowing what to expect and telling myself i can do it. If i am induced however, i will be given pitocin and pitocin tends to make contractions more painful and last longer so who knows what i will decide when the time comes. Really all i can ask for is a happy healthy little boy :) i cant wait to see him. My ribs cant wait to be able to heal and not be so sore all the time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It ain't over til its over (39 weeks)

So much for Owen coming early... he is being stubborn already!! Doc said on Thursday that he is weighing at least 7 pounds. Boys are usually bigger than girls. Abigale was 6 pounds 10 oz. Doc is suggesting we induce if he isn't born by the 27th and after talking to Jesse i think that's what we're gonna do. Having an induction can increase the need to c-section, but if i wait and he is too big i would have to have one anyway. My hope is that he decides to come on his own before then, but if he doesn't i will be induced Wednesday the 27th. I have another appointment in the morning and i guess we'll know if anything has changed then. Jesse starts his new job Monday July 2nd so if i am induced he will be able to take off and have 4 days with us then begin the new job on Monday evening. He is very excited about the new job and i am very happy for him. It means no more blistering sun all day, no more pesticides, no more grass mowing for hours at a time, and should offer some relief for his neck pain. Working second shift will allow him to be home all day with the kids and me, and make doctor appointments so much easier. We can take little day trips to the aquarium or wherever and be home in time for him to work. Also, its Monday through Thursday so he will be off when i am working so no stress in the babysitter department. I'm so very ready for this little one to be here. I think we all are at this point. I've prepared just about as much as i can but i know it will be an adjustment for all of us. Abigale talks about him and to him every single day. Yesterday we made him a tie blanket and she told him it was special because she made it just for him. aww... Still been having braxton hicks. I've gotten to where i dont even try to time them anymore. i figure if its false they'll stop and if its real they wont!! I was and still am hoping he is born before this weekend (i really dont want to work).

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

38 weeks ugh...

photo by Emily Hillman

Ok so now its week 38. This child needs to come on with it! Last Thursday Dr. Zapata said i was 1cm dilated but 0% effaced and still posterior. UGH.... i really want him to be born already!! I try to remain in good spirits and not complain but i'm very uncomfortable 90% of the time now. Jesse is starting a new job and new shift at work beginning the 29th so i really hope he is born before then. I'm surprisingly calm about the upcoming labor. I know it will be intense, but it'll be so worth it. I am nervous, but not about the labor itself. Unfortunately things don't always present an ideal situation, and anything can happen. The possibility of a C-section scares me some. I've never had a major surgery like that, and i hope to avoid it.  I've said it before but if you have never seen The Business of Being Born i HIGHLY suggest it.  The good thing about my job is that i will get at least 6 weeks off and still get a paycheck (thank goodness) I finally got bottles! My mom bought him some and i bought him some. I decided to go with the Playtex premium nurser drop-in's. The great thing about them is that if you breastfeed you can pump directly into the liners and they come with seals for storage. Besides that the disposable liner's make for less dish washing and sanitizing. I didn't know it at first but they're one of the highest rated bottles out there and they're reasonably priced.

Exciting event of the day... Emily came and did some preggo pictures of me and some of abigale and I! The picture at top is a preview... I cant wait to see them all!