Tuesday, March 26, 2013

nine whole months

Today makes 9 months since Owen's birth. I cant believe how fast the time is soaring by. 
He is such a sweet,  loving, and high maintenance little boy. Within the past 2 weeks he has had 3 teeth poke through. First he got the top right front tooth, a few days ago the bottom left front came in, and this morning i noticed the bottom front right one making its appearance. He has been a cranky little butt, but i cant blame him. We have reached 9 whole months of exclusively breastfeeding!!! 
i feel like throwing a party to celebrate-seriously... 
one thing i can say about my breastfeeding journey is that it has been a challenge. While it has been wonderful and rewarding it has also been tough at times. The important thing and the best advise i could offer to any mother is to keep trying. Don't let the trials overwhelm you. Dont let anyone pressure you into stopping. Mastitis is a beast i learned, but i continued letting Owen nurse even tho my doctor said women often stop because of the pain. After mastitis i had seriously lower supply but tredged forward anyway. My supply still isnt what it once was, but we are working on it day by day. 
Abigale and owen are the best of friends already. She adores him and loves spending time with him. She is an amazing big sister. 

He tucks his big sister into bed every night. 

yesterday we spent a little time at the park while the sun was out. My sister, ella, the kids, and i had a great time. They love playing together. Ella just loves owen too. 
abigale saw a girl from school and they just had to swing together. I love seeing her making friends. She is growing so fast as well. She is such a sweet child. 

It seems like i just had my little bubba and now so quickly he is wanting to walk and sprouting teeth! He is such a handsome little thing :) 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

i cant say it enough...

i love bountiful baskets. LOVE it. it's been such an awesome thing for our family and i always get soooo excited waiting to see what we will get. I recently read a blog post that was pretty negative about BB and it honestly made me feel personally offended! it was like they were stabbing me instead of BB. I dont work for them, and have honestly never even volunteered to help because i have to work on pick up day. I think this last weeks basket is my favorite ever
from left to right (kind of) lemongrass, mint, cilantro, mushrooms, green onions, coconut, napa cabbage, lemons, garlic, red onion, some strange fruits, limes, dried red chillis, carrots, bell peppers, bok choy, ginger, radishes, strawberries, asparagus, celery, bananas, and leaf lettuce. 

WHOA! i think thats a lot of produce for $23 bucks! 
today i cooked the bok choy to send to work with Jesse in his lunch. I made my Rosemary and Lemon Pepper Chicken and green beans(his favorite) and the bok choy. i like to sautee it on the stove. 
first melt a few TBS of butter and a couple cloves of garlic in a pan over medium high heat
then add clean. chopped bok choy and stir it around for a few minutes.
I season with salt and pepper and a smidge of the minced dried chilli
cook for about 5 minutes or so until the white parts are tender and the leaves are wilted.
you dont want to over cook it, thats just not nice.

Yes, i forgot to take a pic of the stuff when it was done....sorry!

Now lets talk about butter. If you buy margarine i command you to go to your fridge right now and throw that crap in the garbage where it belongs! Stay far, far away! Ok, now that you are back here is an alternative to margarine that i LOVE. i know real butter is fattening, but the ingredient list in margarine is straight up scary.... I challenge you to give Challenge Butter a try, i promise you'll thank me! It's real butter made spreadable with canola oil. Check out the ingredient lis (below the pic) 
Ingredients: Pasteurized cream(made from milk), canola oil, salt,  vitamin A, beta  carotene, DHA  algal oil. 

I've taken owen to the park a few times recently and today he tried to eat a leaf.... no worries, i got it before he ate it...

 and when i took it away this is the face he made.... that poor tooth coming in is giving him hell and my sweet, happy, loving boy has turned into a severe whiny baby.

I am learning to be more frugal and i love it! Now  i just need to unlike all the WAHM pages on facebook  and tell all my friends not to advise me of sales... i set up a budget and worked on it all weekend then i come home, get on facebook, and now i have purchased, wool yarn, lip balm making stuff, knee wraps for jesse, baby legs for owen, tea from teavana..... OMG!!! AND i'm getting a new blender!! So much for budgeting!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Think outside the box!

Abigale love's boxed mac n cheese and so do I! I stopped buying it maybe 2 years or so ago and i havent really had much mac since. i am always looking forward to christmas and thanksgiving because my cousin always makes awesome baked mac n cheese to bring to our family gathering. 

i decided it was about dang time to make some mac n cheese from scratch. Being from the south you would think it would be common practice in my home but i have honestly never made it before today! After talking to Darien i decided i had to use the recipe from iowa girl eats and  i am sooooo glad i did!! 

Talk about yummy!! Abigale actually thought it was from a box!! 

We had not box mac n cheese, fresh (not frozen) green beans, and BBQ chicken tenders! 

If you have never made your own BBQ sauce you should! It's not hard, and it'll be yummy!! 

On a completely different subject. I hate beer, like really hate beer but i need to drink/use it. Anyone have any tried n true recipes to use beer in? Or is there a beer out there for people who dont like beer?? Hmmmm.......

Also, i have discovered refrigerator oatmeal!! And while most people that i know who like hot oatmeal do not like the cold stuff, i love it because i HATE oatmeal. 

oatmeal and beer are both supposed to help breastmilk production and i need the help at the moment unfortunately :(