Tuesday, March 13, 2012

25 weeks

         so today i'm 25 or maybe 26 weeks pregnant. Doctor says 25 sonographer says 26 so i guess Owen will decide for himself! i started out weighing 125 pounds. due to morning sickness i lost down to 121 pounds, and i now weigh 126 pounds. That counts as 5 pounds gained. most people who experience morning sickness loose weight as a result and its perfectly ok. Dr Zapata wasnt terribly concerned that ive only gained 5 pounds however she did say that i need to gain 1 pound each week from now until birth (15 pounds total). i love having a female doctor. she is the greatest. a male doctor can train and study his whole life but he will never be able to fully understand what it is like to have a baby. its just impossible. Anyway, i feel pretty good most of the time and i'm always hungry.
        I guess my main worry in this whole new adventure is Abigale. She has been the center of attention for 6 years. She hasnt had to share her stuff or our attention. She is very much excited to be having a brother, and she talks to him all the time. I just dont want her to feel left out. Newborns are demanding. Some can be VERY demanding and i dont want her to feel left out or less important. Ive done my best to prepare her for what is to come. She knows he will cry alot and need to be held and fed and changed constantly, but i dont know if she really understands that some of that time that would be given to her will now have to be given to her brother. She will be a great helper. i plan to let her help as much as she would like to and include her so she feels important. It does worry me though, i dont want her to ever think i love her any less. She's my big girl.
      i guess thats all for now, i am trying to do this more often....

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  1. Awe!!! She'll do good. And glad you are doing good and the morning sickness is finally gone!