Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chicken Caccitore

This week bountiful baskets had mushrooms and tomatoes. Not gonna lie, i dont actually like either. Jesse loves mushrooms tho, and i love italian so i decided to make Chicken Caccitore. I had never attempted it before and it came out really good. It was really easy to make also. I didnt have a recipe and since i hadnt made it before i decided to mostly follow this one,2373,155181-232201,00.html  I tend to only use recipes to get the general idea of what to use. I changed this one up a bit. Instead of using wine i used chicken broth, and i didnt have any bell peppers so i just skipped that. After making it without the peppers i dont really feel like the recipe NEEDS them, but i am sure they would be good if added. Also, i think it calls for a little too much red pepper. If you dont like spicy i'd cut back a little.  I used my dried oregano and frozen basil from the herb pack a few weeks back :)

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