Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My son has a pink phone

So i'm stepping away from the food posts for a minute to talk about something that i think is important. Walking down the toy aisle at your favorite store you will almost always notice something... Everything comes in either pink or blue. All of the baby doll items will be pink while all of the "boy" toys will be blue. This really doesnt sit well with me. There was a day when toys were toys... even the doll carts were metal and typically painted red or yellow. like this one:

this is an image from google but i LOVE this stroller 
When did we decide that boys couldnt push a baby stroller? Why must they be pink? Why should i have to pay tons more for a stroller for my son if i want one that isnt pink?? The toy market has become so sexist and i dislike it severely. Say you have a young son who loves to cook? Every little girls dream is to have an easy bake oven right? Go to the store and look... YES easy bake ovens do come in black and blue SURPRISE but sadly if you visit their website  you wont see a boy in the advertisement nor a speck of blue throughout the website. All of the accessory packs are pink, all of the baking mixes are pink... What if my son wants to be a chef? Why have we decided that it's not ok? 

I feel the same toward boy toys too. Though, you will now find lots of super girl outfits and accessories. You'll even find plenty of pink lego sets, but good luck finding more than a couple of girl lego characters compared to the many boy characters. Same with the game Guess who? Have you ever noticed the boy to girl ratio on that game?? If you play as a girl you are pretty much assuring your demise. 

Kids just want toys.... they dont need to be gender specific. There's nothing wrong with boys playing with a doll (it may even make them a better parent one day) and there's nothing wrong with a little girl playing with race cars and tonka trucks. I think its SO important to let our kids be creative, to let them discover, and to let them be themselves. 

Unfortunately, since all of the toys are gender specific these days owen now has a pink cell phone... Why? because that's the one he wanted and there wasnt a blue one. I'm sure we will get looks if he takes it out with us but why? Owen doesnt care what color it is... he just wants the talking phone! 

I love this meme from Facebook. it's a bit of an extreme, but the point is simple. Let your kids be themselves. Stop worrying so much that something is going to "give them the gay" because i promise it wont. They'll just be a kid. A happy healthy kid expressing themselves. 

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  1. You are too cool!!! Things were as pink and blue when I was little but grandparents were sure into you are a girl you should like dolls and not Legos. I wish things had improved in the toy department.