Wednesday, April 4, 2012

28 weeks :)

only 12 more to go!! is it bad that im hoping for only 9 more instead of 12?? They say you are full term at 37 weeks so why wait for 40? i mean i wouldnt induce just for the heck of it but if he happened to decide on his own i surely wouldnt mind!! in the past two weeks i've done the ever so lovely glucose test. Orange flavored water with 50 grams of sugar!!! While it did make me light headed to have that much sugar in so little time, i passed the test. High is over 140 mine was 115. I hate that they compare fetus sizes to food... at 27 weeks he is the size of your average head of coli-flour.... how do u compare a baby to coli-flour... and at 28 weeks he is the size of a Chinese cabbage... he has eye lashes and can open and close his eyes and sense light and sounds.
He has grown enough to put pressure on my diaphragm making me feel out of breath REALLY easy. I'm weighing right at 130 now so the doctor should be happy with me when i go back next week!

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