Friday, April 20, 2012

week #30 (so i'm running behind)

Oh man all i can say is its been a very busy week!! We have been trying to make Owens room look more like a nursery than just a half empty room with random boxes here and there. I received and awesome surprise from my mom and cousin this week. They chipped in together and bought us the crib we were wanting!! My dad even came over and put it together for us! I had every intention of having a friend make the bedding for his crib and even had all the fabrics picked out but then i found this 10 piece set for a steal!!! i ordered it this morning and should be here within a week. Even got free shipping!! I hope it looks as bright as it does in the pictures. i really dont like the typical pastel baby colors. Theyre boring.

Anyway it seems we are finally in the home stretch and actually getting ready for his arrival now. I went to the doctor thursday(a week ago) and i was excited to hear Dr. Zapata say that we can most likely expect him to come before his due date which is very ok with me! Abigale was 6 days early and most of the time the second baby comes earlier than the first.  Rest assured as soon as week 37 gets here i will be doing some major powerwalking and whatever else i can come up with to encourage his arrival!

I love reading about babies and pregnancy not just because i'm pregnant but because i'm a woman and that's what we were designed for. Lately i've been reading that in most cases labor and delivery is easier the second time around. And that makes sense since your body knows what to do this time. That doesn't mean less pain, but rather the same or more pain but for a shorter length of time. Typically first time mothers push for close to an hour where as second time moms are closer to 20 minutes. Thats fine by me! Labor from start to finish is usually shorter for second time moms too. But where there are ups there are downs and i'm hearing and reading that recovery after birth is usually harder for second time mothers. the discomfort, back pain, and uterine contractions are usually more intense.  Not really looking forward to that part but at least i will have a cute little boy to take my mind off of the discomfort.

Physically and emotionally i'm not doing as well as i have been in weeks past, but thats normal. I'm pretty tired most of the time and my back hurts almost constantly. Owen kicks me in the ribs or bladder many many times a day and that can be pretty uncomfortable too. Emotionally i can tell the hormone levels are on the rise again. Little things make me feel very emotional. I'm not liking being home by myself for 4 days in a row. its nice to be able to have time to do housework as i am able, but it doesnt take much to make me tired and i get bored and lonely and lack motivation. Jesse and i have been doing our best to focus on abigale and while the talk of her brother is increasing as we prepare for his arrival we are trying to tell her things about when we were getting ready for her to be born. Showing her pictures and explaining things to her and telling her how excited we were to be having a little girl. She is still seeming to be very excited about being a big sister and im glad for that. She will make a great big sister.


  1. thanks jo! i like it too! i was completely against brown until i found this set.