Tuesday, May 29, 2012

36 weeks

only 1 to 4 more weeks... thats what i keep telling myself. I'm absolutely thrilled to be having this baby but being pregnant at this point isnt fun. Being big and round is kinda fun, people know you're pregnant and always ask about the baby and thats special, but just about everything else about being 36 weeks pregnant isnt fun. As of Thursday i wasn't dilated any but he is head down and low. i go to see the doctor every Thursday now.  Abigale was born one week before her due date with no unnatural help so im hoping little Owen will decide to come early as well. Between the stuff jesse and i have bought and the gracious gifts from others i think we have just about everything we need for him. There are some things i havent bought... like bottles, but i'm hoping he will breastfeed easily and bottles wont be a high demand. I'm still gonna get some though just in case. I just haven't made up my mind on which one's i want yet. "they" say that almost every woman CAN breastfeed regardless of size or shape so long as there is nothing wrong with their supply, but with abigale it was very frustrating and it didnt take long for me to change my mind. Maybe this time will be different since there wont be such stress and i'm older and more educated about it now. Heat+pregnant=suck so if you at some point try to get pregnant consider when the kid will be born. I sympathize with my mother for having me in September in Texas because its not even June yet and its freaking hot. Also, eating is MISERABLE!!! you get hungry and you have to eat, you want to eat but as soon as ya do you cant breathe, your belly is all tight and full and if you're me you have indigestion something awful. ok ok no more complaining, it really doesn't help anything anyway. This morning i'm washing all of his clothes and blankets so they will be ready :) using baby safe detergent really is a good idea. Some babies, my little niece especially, are born with REALLY sensitive skin. I buy ALL clear and free instead of Dreft. Its cheaper and i honestly like it better. Tomorrow we are going to Sam's for diapers. I've been comparing prices lately and turns out buying pamper's at Sam's is about seven cents cheaper per diaper than buying them at wal-mart. I've looked into cloth diapers, and even seriously considered buying some. Cloth diapering may be less expensive in the long run but its quite an investment to get started. I also hate the thought of washing the inserts in the same washer that i wash my clothes in. I know there are many many different products that are supposed to make everything completely sanitary, but the thought still bothers me. Its also pretty inconvenient too. I cant imagine being at walmart and Owen having the runs and having to clean the insert off then carrying it with me in a wet bag while i continue my shopping.... ewwweeee maybe if we didnt poop it wouldnt be so bad, but we do poop so i'm going for pamper's brand diapers. The swaddlers are pretty darn soft and they work well and if you change your kid like you should rashes are fairly avoidable. Every kid will get them even with cloth diapers. Just putting my thoughts out there.... thats all for now i guess.

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