Monday, May 7, 2012

i'm round and i know it! (33 weeks)

well not much has changed in the past few weeks. i gained exactly 2 pounds (15 total now) and my belly measurements are just where they should be. I got the crib bedding in and i love it! on my days off this week i am working on getting his room situated for real this time. i had it all cleaned up but then we got more stuff and now its a mess again. My mom and cousin are throwing a baby shower for me soon. i'm pretty excited about it. Though it'll be my second shower, the first one was 6 years ago and for a girl so it feels brand new again. I've got tons of family coming in from Mississippi and other places for the shower so i want his room to be ready for everyone to see. i'm becoming miserable. Indigestion is my biggest complaint but maybe that'll mean he will have lots of hair, dark hair like mine please.... there is a foot constantly at my right rib. Poor rib, the left one is fine but the right one is pretty angry at Owen. I feel very round... not unattractive just round. i bought some dresses so i can avoid pants whenever possible. Advise for first time pregnancies: maternity clothes are a waste of money. They cost more because people are silly and will pay more, but if you just look around you can buy regular clothes that work just as well and are much cheaper. At target they wanted 50 bucks for a cotton dress just because it was maternity... i ended up buying 3 dresses that were NOT maternity for less than 50 and fit just as well and ill be able to use them after owen is born. I guess the exception to that would be pants or jeans because maternity jeans are much more comfy than regular jeans even if you buy the belly band(also waste of money) but shop around. I got my maternity jeans online from old navy for 16 dollars on sale. If you don't spend all that money on clothes you'll only wear for a short time you can spend it on lasting stuff like good quality maternity photos that'll last a life time. ok well thats enough of my rant for now i could go on forever....

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