Wednesday, October 10, 2012

When i grow up...

As a child everyone always asks you what you want to be when you grow up. I can remember always answering that i wanted to be a teacher, or sometimes a ballerina, but sitting here now at 25 years old i still cant give a confident answer. It;s been weighing heavily on my mind lately. i dont dislike my job, but i know it isnt the career for me. I wouldnt mind working the same job until i do decide what my career will be, but eventually i want to move on. I think my problem is that i genuinely love to learn. i love going to school. Learning is an amazing gift to me and i want to know everything!! I have several ideas in mind of things i would like to do.
 1. Teach high school level math or chemistry. I think i would be a decent teacher. I've had some really amazing teachers in school and i think teaching with the love and passion that they teach with is honorable. Teachers are looked over, under paid and under appreciated and i think it's pathetic. I have doubts about it. What if i cant find a job, what if it turns out that i'm no good at it, what if i get bored after 2 years and dont want to do it anymore?
 2. computer science/ software engineering. i think this comes also from the math/science part of my brain. Computers arent going anywhere and tho i dont know much about the technical aspect of computers now i think it would be cool to learn!
3. Get a BSN (bachelors of science in nursing) and eventually become a CNM (certified nurse midwife) To some people this may come as a surprise but i've always liked learning about pregnancy and birth and it's my opinion that the "birthing system" in the US is utter chaos. So many unnecessary medical procedures are done everyday and in my opinion these women are being taken advantage of all for the sake of profit. I would love to help women experience birth the way it is naturally intended to be.
4. Lactation consultant. This is usually a part time type job but  i would love it. In the short time i have been breastfeeding my little owen i have learned so much about the nutritional, physical, and emotional benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother and child. The rate of which mothers breastfeed now is so low and i would love to help educate and encourage women to breastfeed and be there to help with the trials and learning curve to make it a lasting relationship between themselves and their child.
5. nurtition/food science. its no secret that i love food!! i like the food science aspect because i think so many of us dont know what we put into our bodies everyday. i believe that many diseases and illnesses can be prevented through good diet!
6. Environmental science. Again, something i'm passionate about. I want to provide a better environment for my children and the children of the future and i would love to learn how to be a bigger part of ensuring safe renewable resources are discovered and used to protect our planet and hopefully to slow the downward spiral

As you can see its a pretty long list. I've got an associates degree with concentration in chemistry. It just so happened to work out that way due to a scheduling error on my part... an associates is a start( i managed to keep a 4.0 and graduate with honors), but its not enough for me. i want to do something, but i dont want to waste my time and money going to school when i cant decide what i want to do. Its hard because my job offers tuition assistance if its a company related field which is wonderful, but if i choose one of the other fields i'm on my own. commerce doesnt yet offer the BSN program but will be soon. UGH i want to have a carreer by the time i'm 30! Thats the goal... to finish by the time i'm 30. If i choose the nursing route that would be pretty much impossible to make it to midwife by then, but i want to AT LEAST know what i want and be diligently pursuing that choice.  

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