Monday, July 30, 2012

time is already flying

on aunt ray ray's lap 
       Owen is already a month old!! i cant believe how fast the time has past. I've only got 10 more days before i have to go back to work. this makes me very sad. i dont want to leave him. i know he will be in good hands at home with jesse. it may be a little rough for the two of them at first, but they will adjust and eventually so will i. Abigale is such a big help and she is so sweet to him. I couldn't ask for a more perfect little family.
      Owen has changed so much in so little time. I'm not exactly sure what he weighs now. He is sleeping at the moment or i would weigh him. i'm guessing he weighs 11 pounds or so. He is a chunk for sure. He just started smiling and accidently coo's on occasion. His eyes are still very blue and i'm betting they stay that way. He has a good amount of hair but its so blonde he looks bald in pictures. i just love looking at him. He is so spoiled because we all hold him so much. 
     Breast feeding has become pretty normal now i guess. it's not been too hard, but has been challenging at times. I'm still trying to figure out how to have enough milk stored for the days i'm at work. I had never really paid much attention to the way society views breastfeeding until now. it's crazy to me that people seem to act like it's strange and not something you are supposed to do in public or talk about. I think it's funny that we drink cow's milk like it's no big deal yet there's awkwardness if you talk about our own species ability to produce milk. Now i'm not saying i want to go to dinner and have some lady whip her boobs out in front of me and my family while we eat, but with proper coverage i don't see why its a problem. Furthermore i don't see why there aren't nursing stations in public places where there are bathrooms. its not like breastfeeding is a new phenomenon, its been around a while...  Thankfully it seems president Obama did one thing right and created federal laws protecting a mothers right to breastfeed at work. State laws regarding breastfeeding can be found here However i still see it being a strange conversation to have with my boss who happens to be male...

this is a pretty cool website for moms or moms to be if considering breast feeding.

also i wish every hospital had lactation consultants or la leche league people or both

that is all...


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  1. I agree so much! I find it frustrating how few places there are to breastfeed in public. And, I also get the stink eye for breastfeeding, even when I am fully covered and somewhere private---like my own car! I find it bizarre that people would expect us to breastfeed in a toilet stall.