Monday, February 25, 2013


It occurred to me the other day at Abigale's birthday party that my son is 8 months old (will be tomorrow) and still has zero teeth. He was playing with the adorable little miss Piper who is a few weeks older than him. She has 3 teeth, he has none. It's nothing to be concerned with as far as development goes. Some children get their teeth later, and actually from what i have read late blooming seems to be a good thing. BUT Owen has been teething, drooling, and fussing for MONTHS! He wakes up with his teeth hurting in the middle of the night, and teething tablets are a joke! He wont chew frozen teethers, or frozen rags, or frozen anything for that matter. When i have some, he likes chewing on celery and thick pieces of cucumber. He also likes chewing on my purse handle, but it's sad. He just whines while he chews. I feel bad for him. His teeth are beginning to make their way to the surface, i can see them under his gums. I see several teeth in there actually, and now i'm so afraid that they are all gonna poke through at once. The past few days he has been in super drool mode, and super whine mode. Unless he is being fed he is whining (or thats how it feels anyway. Unfortunately it looks like he could potentially have 8 teeth coming in at the same time!! OMGGGGGGG I'm trying to keep my sanity and think that if they all do happen to come in at the same time i will at least get it over with!!!

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