Monday, February 11, 2013

George Jones

George Jones is playing a farewell tour and just so happens to be coming to greenville to play downtown. i wish Mamaw were still here to see him. She loved George Jones. I have all of her old records and she had a TON of his albums and they're all signed. i wish they weren't in storage so that i could post a picture. I've never necessarily been a fan of his, but now that he is coming and mamaw is gone i keeping feeling like i want to go just for her. i miss mamaw. I miss dinner at her house, black eyed pea cornbread, mashed potatoes, and meat loaf would be so good right now. So many things remind me of her, and of the times we spent together. i know everyone has a time, and she lived a long and hopefully happy life, but it's hard not to be sad sometimes. She was such an amazing grandmother to my sister and I. i hope i am half the grandmother she was to us. 

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