Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Back to fitness

The last time i posted about starting a new fitness goal i announced my pregnancy very shortly after. Well this time that isn't the case. I honestly have done very little exercise since my pregnancy began and now my little man will be turning 1 year old tomorrow. At first, breastfeeding kept me slim- making milk burns calories!! But now that my little man is eating more and more solid food and relying on mama milk less, the weight is coming back.  i weigh about 10 pounds more now than i did when i went back to work at 6 weeks postpartum. I'm not overweight per se, i'm just not as healthy or fit as i would like to be. fitness has always been important to me, and once i get motivated and back in the swing of things. i usually find it pretty easy to maintain.  I started back at the gym last week. I've been going around 5am which is early, but i'm finding that  my day seems easier and i feel less tired throughout my day. I've been doing mostly cardio to get my endurance up, and then i will add some weights as i progress. I've worked ab's and inner and outer thighs. I've been doing the Jacob's ladder everyday and staying on as long as i can stand- which isnt long because that machine is a BEAST.

Today we step it up a notch. fist with crossfit. i love the idea of crossfit. it's probably the easiest, yet most challenging way to lose weight and get fit. I'm beginning a two week beginner challenge that i found on a really cool Australian blog. They arent full WOD's (a work out of the day/full crossfit workout) but they are 15 minute ish challenges designed to get you ready for crossfit and to build endurance. What i love about them is that they are short, require no weights or equipment, and most can be done in the living room with the exception of the few running challenges. I will also be following this guys suggest diet regimine.

I'm not a fan of "diets" they just dont work.... anything that says you cant eat this or that just doesnt cut it in my book because we as humans tend to want what we cant have. if you tell me i cant have cake i'll be ok for a few days..... then i'll start thinking about cake.... then i will engulf the next one i see... sound familiar???

Well this diet regimine isnt exactly like that. its a mostly paleo type of diet, but not as many stipulations....

1. no white grains or starches- this means no white potatoes, no white bread, no white rice. BUT you can have whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes, and brown rice.
2. no soda or juice that has been sweetened with sugar or artificially- this wont be too hard for me personally because we dont buy soda at home. Brookshires carries a few unsweetened juices. There's an apple juice in a glass jar that i LOVE.
3. drink LOTS of water
4. eat meats and vegetables that are high in protein like these meats  and vegetables
5. all food should be consumed within 8 hours- that's the kicker for me, but supposedly if the correct amount of protein is consumed you shouldn't feel hungry at all. Skip breakfast completely.
6. any whole fruits are ok, no canned or jarred or otherwise processed fruit.

and thats it!! In addition to this you are supposed to sleep 8 hours, cold soak for 10 minutes each day, and walk around every 20 minutes if you have a desk or otherwise not physically active job.

I'm excited to try this and see what my results will be. this guy swears results in 2 weeks just by following the guidlines- but doesnt everyone!!

Anyway, i'm pretty darn excited to be back in the gym and taking care of my body. We eat pretty healthy, but my physical fitness is severely lacking at the moment lol! My goal isnt to lose weight necessarily- though i hope i do, its just to get optimal physical fitness whatever number the scale reads at that point will be great :)

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