Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It ain't over til its over (39 weeks)

So much for Owen coming early... he is being stubborn already!! Doc said on Thursday that he is weighing at least 7 pounds. Boys are usually bigger than girls. Abigale was 6 pounds 10 oz. Doc is suggesting we induce if he isn't born by the 27th and after talking to Jesse i think that's what we're gonna do. Having an induction can increase the need to c-section, but if i wait and he is too big i would have to have one anyway. My hope is that he decides to come on his own before then, but if he doesn't i will be induced Wednesday the 27th. I have another appointment in the morning and i guess we'll know if anything has changed then. Jesse starts his new job Monday July 2nd so if i am induced he will be able to take off and have 4 days with us then begin the new job on Monday evening. He is very excited about the new job and i am very happy for him. It means no more blistering sun all day, no more pesticides, no more grass mowing for hours at a time, and should offer some relief for his neck pain. Working second shift will allow him to be home all day with the kids and me, and make doctor appointments so much easier. We can take little day trips to the aquarium or wherever and be home in time for him to work. Also, its Monday through Thursday so he will be off when i am working so no stress in the babysitter department. I'm so very ready for this little one to be here. I think we all are at this point. I've prepared just about as much as i can but i know it will be an adjustment for all of us. Abigale talks about him and to him every single day. Yesterday we made him a tie blanket and she told him it was special because she made it just for him. aww... Still been having braxton hicks. I've gotten to where i dont even try to time them anymore. i figure if its false they'll stop and if its real they wont!! I was and still am hoping he is born before this weekend (i really dont want to work).

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