Thursday, June 21, 2012

Today's doctor visit :)

Just got back from seeing Dr. Zapata (she's awesome btw). Though i haven't gained weight in two weeks it turns out some progress has been made!!!  As of right now i am 3cm dilated but only about 10-15% effaced but favorable. That's the best news I've heard!! I haven't been having any contractions today so no baby just yet, but doc says it could literally start any minute. IF by Tuesday my labor has not begun i will report to the hospital at 10pm to begin antibiotics, and then begin the induction process at 5am Wednesday. I've been preparing myself for natural labor, knowing what to expect and telling myself i can do it. If i am induced however, i will be given pitocin and pitocin tends to make contractions more painful and last longer so who knows what i will decide when the time comes. Really all i can ask for is a happy healthy little boy :) i cant wait to see him. My ribs cant wait to be able to heal and not be so sore all the time.

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