Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The arrival of our little Owen

Its taken me a week to find enough time to write this blog but here goes... So the plan was to show up at the hospital at 10pm on the 26th and be induced the next morning. It was our option, though highly suggested by my doctor to induce. I was nervous about it and hoping that it wouldn't have to come to that. Modern medicine is an amazing thing, but to me less is best when it comes to medicine. I had given up on Owen coming on his own and was as relaxed as i could be about the induction.

Tuesday was a regular ole day like the other's. I wasn't feeling great but who does at 40 weeks pregnant. I spent most of the day trying to clean up the house and i began packing my bag for the hospital and trying not forget things like toothpaste. Abigale and i were cleaning up her room when Jesse gave us a surprise and came home from work early(good thing too). He and Abigale played games while i was laying in bed resting.  I got up just before 2pm and went to the restroom and FINALLY the mucus plug came out! I found that to be exciting so i ran to tell Jesse. 

Within minutes i was having contractions but i just laid in bed texting friends and timing the contractions. They were coming 4 minutes apart and pretty painful. i figured they were false so i just waited it out for a bit. After 30 minutes i decided we probably should go to the doctor. Even if it was false it hurt way more than it should  so i figured it was best to go. I went into the living room and told Jesse "you need to go take a shower" he immediately jumped up to reassure that i was ok. He took a lightening fast shower and got ready to go. I decided to take a shower as well still thinking they could be false contractions. 

We dropped abigale off at his mom's house and were at the hospital by 3:30. We made it to labor and delivery and they got me into a room and in a gown and on the monitors. My contractions were now coming every 2 minutes. The nurse decided to check me before doing paperwork since they were coming so fast. I was 6cm dilated and fully effaced. We didnt have time to do anything. They rushed in and put in my IV and drew some blood. Within minutes i was feeling pressure and the nurse checked again. I was 9cm. I was answering questions between contractions and filing out the paperwork. 

They called in Dr. Zapata and she came and broke my water. My uterus contracted some back to 8cm but again within minutes it was time to push! I've never felt anything even somewhat comparable to the pain i was feeling. I felt like i no longer had control of my body. it was hard to comprehend what the doctor and nurses were saying. i remember saying i cant do it and Dr Zapata calling my name repeatedly and telling me to focus and push. Grab the handles, breathe, push count to 10.... its alot harder in the moment for sure. I managed to push enough to get his head out but he had turned and his shoulder was stuck. Even i could feel the mood change. You could hear the seriousness in Dr Zapata's voice telling the nurses to do this and that and stand here. 

Those few seconds in my mind were like hours. I cant imagine anything hurting more than it hurt for her to have to force his shoulders out. Luckily after that he came the rest of the way out and i had a beautiful perfect baby boy laying on me. His face and mouth were very swollen and he didn't cry immediately. Jesse cut the cord and the nurses suctioned his mouth and nose and he was crying a good healthy cry. The indescribable pain was followed immediately by the most amazingly overwhelming happiness you can feel. The pain was no where on my mind after they bundled him up and gave him to me. 

He was born at 4:55pm and weighed 7lbs and 15oz my entire labor was less than three hours and i am sooooo thankful for that! Everyone was so happy. The joy on Jesse's face was priceless. We let the family come in and meet him quickly and then they left so i could try to feed him as quickly as possible. He took to feeding like he had been doing it all along and i was so relieved. I'm glad he came on his own and i'm glad that i have an awesome doctor that knew what to do under pressure. 

My blood pressure went crazy high during delivery (174/116) but everything happened so fast so there was no time to treat it during the delivery. Afterwards i was given magnesium sulfate which was like pumping hell into my veins. It literally felt like i was on fire. Luckily after 20 minutes they turned the drip down enough so that i felt mostly normal. I still felt like i was on drugs but it was a step up. The first night and most of the next day were pretty rough on the meds but i immediately felt better when they started taking me off of them. 

Now he is a week old and i cant believe it. He is weighing 8lbs 2oz and healthy as can be. I feel so lucky and so happy and complete to have this little boy. Its an overwhelming kind of happiness. 

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