Thursday, March 7, 2013

Think outside the box!

Abigale love's boxed mac n cheese and so do I! I stopped buying it maybe 2 years or so ago and i havent really had much mac since. i am always looking forward to christmas and thanksgiving because my cousin always makes awesome baked mac n cheese to bring to our family gathering. 

i decided it was about dang time to make some mac n cheese from scratch. Being from the south you would think it would be common practice in my home but i have honestly never made it before today! After talking to Darien i decided i had to use the recipe from iowa girl eats and  i am sooooo glad i did!! 

Talk about yummy!! Abigale actually thought it was from a box!! 

We had not box mac n cheese, fresh (not frozen) green beans, and BBQ chicken tenders! 

If you have never made your own BBQ sauce you should! It's not hard, and it'll be yummy!! 

On a completely different subject. I hate beer, like really hate beer but i need to drink/use it. Anyone have any tried n true recipes to use beer in? Or is there a beer out there for people who dont like beer?? Hmmmm.......

Also, i have discovered refrigerator oatmeal!! And while most people that i know who like hot oatmeal do not like the cold stuff, i love it because i HATE oatmeal. 

oatmeal and beer are both supposed to help breastmilk production and i need the help at the moment unfortunately :( 

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