Tuesday, March 26, 2013

nine whole months

Today makes 9 months since Owen's birth. I cant believe how fast the time is soaring by. 
He is such a sweet,  loving, and high maintenance little boy. Within the past 2 weeks he has had 3 teeth poke through. First he got the top right front tooth, a few days ago the bottom left front came in, and this morning i noticed the bottom front right one making its appearance. He has been a cranky little butt, but i cant blame him. We have reached 9 whole months of exclusively breastfeeding!!! 
i feel like throwing a party to celebrate-seriously... 
one thing i can say about my breastfeeding journey is that it has been a challenge. While it has been wonderful and rewarding it has also been tough at times. The important thing and the best advise i could offer to any mother is to keep trying. Don't let the trials overwhelm you. Dont let anyone pressure you into stopping. Mastitis is a beast i learned, but i continued letting Owen nurse even tho my doctor said women often stop because of the pain. After mastitis i had seriously lower supply but tredged forward anyway. My supply still isnt what it once was, but we are working on it day by day. 
Abigale and owen are the best of friends already. She adores him and loves spending time with him. She is an amazing big sister. 

He tucks his big sister into bed every night. 

yesterday we spent a little time at the park while the sun was out. My sister, ella, the kids, and i had a great time. They love playing together. Ella just loves owen too. 
abigale saw a girl from school and they just had to swing together. I love seeing her making friends. She is growing so fast as well. She is such a sweet child. 

It seems like i just had my little bubba and now so quickly he is wanting to walk and sprouting teeth! He is such a handsome little thing :) 

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