Friday, November 22, 2013

Food things

So here is some of the food ive eaten lately.... i love food so much.

So this was a quick stew for after work. I dislike cooking after working 12 hours so thus was easy, plus cornbread is amazing. 
Whipped sweet potatoes, bnq chicken, and brussels sprouts and bacon. My amazing friend Darien suggested tbe paring of bbq and sweet potatoes and its SO good. 
Salmon cakes from Well Fed 2, steames broccoli, and candied sweet potatoes
Paleo chilli over zuchinni noodles, asparagus and broccoli, and boiled egg. This chilli is also from Well Fed 2 and was sweater than i like my chilli. 
This is a horrible picture but i love starbucks banana walnut bread and i finally found a recipe that is VERY close in taste and consistancy. 

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