Thursday, January 2, 2014

is it even possible?

Happy new year!! Yep, it's officially 2014!! Jesse and i have been wanting to buy a home for over a year now but we haven't had the best of luck. Last February we found a house we both loved and that was completely remodeled on the inside. we though YES we found it!! NOPE, wrong!! The seller accepted our offer, bank approved the loan, we signed the contract and then inspection time came... WORST INSPECTION EVER. Seriously.... they made the house LOOK good but underneath the skin all the guts were falling apart. So sadly we let that one go and decided we should wait a while. Well, the time has now come for us to get serious about finding something. We are paying month to month at our apartment so every month we stay is rent+fee that we are paying. i say all of that to say this:


In efforts to save money for the fees, inspections, down payment, earnest money etc. that comes along with buying a house i have set up some SERIOUS spending limitations for our family. From now until we have enough saved we will try our darndest to only spend $100 a week on everything except bills. IF i can make this happen we will be able to save a significant amount of money in a short period of time. This would help us SO much!

Unfortunately we have some medical necessities that need to be taken care of also. My glasses are being held together with hot glue. EEK, for someone who is virtually blind without glasses this is a huge deal. With me having nystagmus and needing to see a specialist its an even bigger deal because my glasses and appointment typically cost me around $300. Then there is Jesse's wrist. His cyst has moved!! its now in a more painful spot so we really need to have it taken care of. Who knows how much that'll cost us.

And then there's my birthday girl. Abigale will be turning 8 in February so we will also be needing to spend money for a very special party for a very special girl!

SO here is the plan! The money we save this month will be to take care of our medical needs and abigale's party. February will begin the actual house savings and i am SOOOOO excited about it. I plan to blog about what we spend, and how i manage meals and such with only spending $100 a week. I started this today by withdrawing the $100 from my bank account. So far today i have already spent $20

Braums: $15
1 gallon of milk
1lb bacon
1lb pork sausage
2 dozen eggs

Walmart: $5
2lbs fresh frozen green beans
2lbs frozen stir fry veggies

Tomorrow i will spend an additional $20 on gas for the week leaving us with $60 to last us until next thursday. We are starting this venture having already purchased quite a bit of meat... We took a trip to costco and bought 6lbs of chicken and i've also got a huge roast and a few pounds of hamburger meat. Starting this off with the fridge mostly stocked will help us out a ton i think!! So, what do you think of this idea? Can we do it? is it even possible?? What are your money saving plans this new year?

wouldnt you like to have his kind of money minus all of the killings and meth and other general grossness?? Which reminds me!!! Netflix needs to add the last season nowwwww!!!!!


  1. you can totally do it! zach and i are starting out the new year on a super tight leash, as far as our account. we have just enough for bills to come out, with about $150 left for food/gas/whatever until the next pay check. we've got some cash, too, from christmas, but we're right there with you! (except that ours is due to a mis-communication and some holiday overspending that was a result.)

    good luck!

  2. Yay! I'm excited to see you guys saving for a house. It's gotten harder and harder to buy the same amount of groceries for the same price. Milk, bread, eggs....everything is getting higher and higher. Let me know if you have any low-cost recipes that are working for you. Your food always looks so tasty and healthy-that's hard to do.

  3. I say we need to set a budget but we don't buy any extras so I don't know where we would cut!! We are spending $80 a week just on gas alone, $130 a week on groceries alone (but I always get leftovers and usually things to freeze), $50 a week on things like baby wipes and toilet paper and paper towels and laundry detergent.

    I'm super excited to see how you do it so I can take some of the things that worked for you and apply them to us.

  4. YEAOZA on the gas! The $20 a week is enough for us on gas but we really dont go anywhere besides work and home. Having the school right down the road helps too. i hate hate hate clipping coupons so i probably wont do any of that but maybe you guys can find some things to help you save money too! Making our laundry soap saves a surprising amount too. I'm back to using Tide for diapers, but i make the detergent that we use for everything else and it seems to serve us well.