Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What we ate this last week

So this week i wasnt good at taking picture's of the meals we had but i did get a few. For lunch today i made a buffalo chicken salad from Well Fed 2. It's a great cookbook. it's all paleo(if that matters to you) and its all whole 30 approved. You can find it here. . It was lunch and dinner for me and it was all three of jesse's meals and dinner for abigale. Actually even Owen ate the chicken and lettuce and i wasn't expecting he would. Even after all of those meals i still have enough left over for probably three more salads.

i think the whole salad cost me maybe $6 for everything and it makes a TON really, it makes alot! 

i also made a lasagna using sliced zucchini instead of noodles! i had a huge brain fart and didnt leave out enough sauce for the top layer so i had to use plain pasta sauce which is why it looks so juicy on top. I also almost burned it lol!! It tasted really good though even if it was ugly. 

We have had lots of chicken this week too. Chicken with green beans, chicken and turnip greens and black eyed peas, chicken with stir fry veggies. For breakfast we have had eggs galore! Eggs and bacon, eggs and sausage, eggs and bell peppers and avocado. LOTS of eggs. if you know me well you know i am weird about eggs.... but i have finally found a seasoning that makes them less gross- LAWRYS garlic salt. Who knew...... 

this week i am meal planning so i will do better about remembering what i actually made with my $100 budget :) 

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