Monday, January 6, 2014

Well i blew it, kind of

I finished my shopping for the week this morning. My last post i had $60 remaining. Here's how i spent the rest.

Taco Casa $15

5lb zucchini $8.94
bananas $1.19
2.25lbs hamburger meat $7.98
1lb pork sausage $2.98
big bag o string cheese $5.98
Shredded parm $2.98
Shredded mozz $2.98square
Sharp cheddar slices $2.38
oikos vanilla greek yogurt(2 packs) $7.66
spaghetti sauce (2 cans) $2.00
Toilet paper $6.97
Bread $1.88
total: 53.72

So, if you can add you'll see that i blew my $100 budget by $8.72. I was a little disappointed to see this BUT i am giving myself a little credit because this was my first week, i didnt meal plan, i didnt shop by the sales ad's, and i bought some of the things my kids actually like to eat rather than skimping for the sake of saving money.

Jesse and i have decided that once a week we will eat out. Whether it be fast food or sit down food. We have limited time as a family and when we do get that time i would like to be able to enjoy it with them and have an easy meal together too. I'm adding it into  the budget but i'm not gonna let myself feel bad if we blow the budget only because of our "treat" meal.

Abigale takes her lunches to school everyday, and Jesse takes all 3 of his meals to work each day.

I bought almost no processed packaged garbage and almost no bread(besides the one loaf obviously). I am doing no grains, but Abigale likes her little sammies for school and owen enjoys his too so im ok with that :)

i didnt get a ton of pictures ( just didnt think about it) but i can say that i have a stocked fridge!!!!!
Oh and nevermind the beer lol that was already there! 


  1. I'm proud of you :) You can do it!!

  2. By far Tamolly's has been our best bet on eating out. Go on one of their special nights and we leave with leftovers and spend less than $25 including tip.

    What are you getting at taco casa for $15 for everyone??

  3. We get a ten pack of tacos. 4 soft, 4 crunchy and 2 burritos. We dont buy drinks.

  4. Someone told me to get bread at Dollar Tree on Tuesdays. It's fresh and only a dollar. Love this idea you are doing. It's hard when there are just two people in the house.