Friday, April 4, 2014

3 days down (thursday )

For breakfast i started by accidently cheating.. kind of on purpose. One aspect of whole30 is to change the way we view food. To see it more as fuel than eating for pleasure. This is especially hard for me because i love food. I made banana pancakes using only banana, eggs,and cinnamon. All of the ingredients are whole 30 compliant BUT you're not supposed to make faux unhealthy foods. I didnt know this until i had already planned to make them so i went ahead and made them anyway

Since my breakfast wasnt hearty i was hungry by lunch. i made tuna salad using avocado and had with some apples

Lastly, for dinner i made chicken ZOODLE soup and it was so good! 


  1. Was the tuna salad the one you raved about from the paleo cookbook?? I need an awesome recipe for Monday so I can use up my lettuce cups before they get a little yucky.

  2. It was similar. I used avocado instead of paleo mayo and i added eggs for more protein. I wanted it to keep me full until dinner