Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 9 and new house!

So i made it through my first week and am now trucking through week two! Ive been SO incredibly busy so ive made alot of quick easy foods and didint take many pictures. Heres a few things ive cooked up.

Cauliflower rice with mushrooms and onions, chicken and steamed broccoli

Late night tuna and cucumbers with tropical pepercorns and salt from trader joes. I learned   that most tuna ccontains soy which is no bueno for whole 30 so if you participate look for that! 

Nom Nom Paleo's Cracklin' Chicken!! Jesse loved this! 

I've been so busy because WE ARE MOVING!! That's right! No more apartment for this girl! We are just renting this house but i am SO excited to be back in a house. Abigale is thrilled and i think Owen is too. He is loving the yard already :) 

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