Friday, October 21, 2011

bundles of joy :)

baby at 4 weeks (embryo)
so i posted that i was gonna eat right and work out and be hard core healthy and lose weight.... well i take that back. i do still plan to eat healthy, and avoid caffeine, but now for a different reason. Jesse and I are having another baby!! i wasnt terribly surprised this time to find that i was pregnant. We weren't really "trying" as i see it. We just stopped using protection and man it didnt take long after that lol!! My first preggo appointment is October 27th at 9:30 and i cant wait :) This time around i'm more educated, and not nearly as nervous. i think i will enjoy it more. Maybe i wont have such bad morning sickness this time. I hope its a boy, im so excited. jesse is so excited. yay for babies. i feel very blessed to have all the support of my friends and family. All of the congratulations and well wishes have been wonderful. Abigale is excited too. She says she is a little nervous but she wants to be mommy's helper. She said she doesnt want to change poopy diapers tho because that stinks. Gotta love the mind of a five year old.

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