Sunday, October 16, 2011

food and yoga

Lately ive been terrible to my body. i have eaten more fast food that anything. very little vegetables, even less fruit. mostly fried meat and bread or potatoes, or both. ive been slacking on yoga. I think ive done it twice in the past two weeks. thursday october 6 is when the bad eating started so it hasnt been that long and already i feel horrible. im never hungry feeling but i eat anyway, i have no energy. ive gained about 5 pounds. ive allowed myself to do this as sort of an experiment. i realized how bad i was eating and continued, but today is the last day of that. luckily at home we dont but much junk food anyway, and i never buy soda. i hate diet plans, they never work. like how the hell am i supposed to not eat bread.... i love bread. if i had medical reasons not to eat bread then i wouldnt but otherwise gimme my bread!!
                      Starting tomorrow im going to be good to myself again. here is the goal. no fast food... if we do go to a fast food place as a family i will eat something, but i will try to keep it light and compensate for it in later meals that day. i am going to try to portion my meals so that i eat less meat and a bigger portion of vegetables. i will try to include more raw vegetables. they are loaded with micro nutrients that you lose when cooking. Micro nutrients are great for your cells, they clean them and keep them healthy giving us more energy, healthier looking skin, less headaches, and better sleep.
                       im also going to get back into my yoga practice. id like to do it every morning, but its hard with school so my goal is every other day. im also going to try to work out with jesse more on the weekends.
                       lastly, i watched a documentary on netflix called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. its about an australian dude that does a juice fast for 60 days. he looses tons of weight and increases every good health factor by alot. im not saying i want to do a juice fast, but id like to do more research and maybe buy a juicer. It makes sense, turn raw vegetables(micro nutrients) into a drink! they condense down alot so its much easier than trying to eat your full serving of vegetables each day. the down side that ive already noticed is the cost. good juicers are expensive, and the documentary stated that a juice fast costs about 15 dollars a day and an organic juice fast costs over 28 dollars a day.
                        i will take pictures of my food and maybe some yoga poses. ill post my weight each week, and we will see what happens. i miss waking up feeling hungry, and without a headache. :)

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