Tuesday, October 11, 2011

its only 8 am

its only 8 am but i've been awake since 6:45 (got an extra 15 minutes thanks to jesse). i really dislike the fact that this site doesnt automatically capitalize things and punctuate for me. im lazy so most of my stuff probably will lack both punctuation and capitalization, especially if its 8 am. i love reading my friends blogs. i just recently discovered that they exist and im so glad for that. it makes me feel closer. they know what i mean. my hope for this blog is simply to stay better connected to the people i love, and maybe to discuss some things you would probably never hear me talk about in person. with that said, if youre reading this keep an open mind. reply respectfully if you wish; question if you like. life isnt a highway(sorry rascal flatts) straight and wide and smooth. its a long, winding, narrow road through the mountains with ups, downs, and surprises around every corner. life is what you make it; this is mine.

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