Thursday, October 13, 2011

motivational speaker

lately i am lacking motivation to work or go to school, or do much of anything really except spend time with my family. i know i have some pto left and everyday when i get to work i think 'man i should have just stayed home.' sure everyone gets lazy on occasion, but my occasion keeps extending itself longer and longer. i try to think positively. my job isnt hard or stressful, i just dont want to anymore. i'm in a slump and i need to get out of it. ive got to work, i need to go to school. i need to get over it and deal. today i called in. im excited. ill get to help abigale get ready for dance, and then we are going out to dinner and it will be great. i cant imagine how people deal with being separated from the people they love. darien, jo, yall are troopers. i feel silly complaining about my life compared to the separations you both have faced and are facing. you are both very strong women and i admire that.

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