Tuesday, October 18, 2011

nom noms and boo's

i was at school yesterday diligently working on my database project (nothing like waiting til the last minute) i figured most of it out. only one technical difficulty. i hurried out of the classroom to answer my phone, jesse was calling. As a result of my rushing, i completely forgot to unplug my external hard drive and put it in my backpack. of course i didnt notice until later when i was getting ready for work. i called the school and begged them to look for it :( it wasnt there anymore. it has everything. my music, movies, data files for class that i MUST have. Even the christmas pictures emily took for us. Luckily, i have the pictures saved on my computer and another flash drive, but everything else is gone. My professor teaches several other classes so she promised to keep an eye out for it. im sad now :(
            i made myself two eggs over medium for breakfast. i also had a very ripe banana and a glass of apple juice. lunch probably wont happen. maybe some grapes or part of my dinner. dinner is italian herb baked pork chops (boneless sirloin) and fresh green beans. no pics yet.
            i worked out like a beast Sunday, and rode my bike to school yesterday and today. the wind today was crazy. i had to ride against the wind all the way there, but the return trip was nice. No yoga today.

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